How to Restore Customer Satisfaction after Customer Service Failure

How to Restore Customer Satisfaction after Customer Service Failure


A customer service failure, simply defined, is customer service performance that fails to meet an individual’s expectations. Typically, when a service failure occurs, a customer will expect to be compensated for the inconvenience in the form of any combination of refunds, credits, discounts or apologies.

The success of such customer service recovery efforts is determined by the individual’s expectations and perceptions of the organization. Two key elements impact any effort to restore customer satisfaction: the strength of customer relationships and the severity of service failure.

Service failure: Service performance that fails to meet expectations

The strength of the customer relationship with the organization prior to a customer service failure has a buffering effect in the event of failure. Research suggests that customers who expect the relationship to continue actually have lower service recovery expectations, and in turn, are more satisfied with customer service performance after recovery.

While this may seem counterintuitive at first glance, consider the expectations of customers with a stronger relationship with the organization. A customer who does not have much commitment to the organization tends to be more transaction-focused and expects immediate service recovery

Make Money From a Hobby Home Business Ideas

Make Money From a Hobby Home Business Ideas


Are you aware that you can indeed make money from a whole variety of hobbies or pastimes and in some cases build a lasting and successful business

There are a great number of people who have done that and in fact there are a number of major corporations throughout the world that developed into a real and successful business, that started in the garage or a piece borrowed property.

Do you know there are many ways of making additional income from such a business?. These products can be things you make yourself or things you commission to be made and there is a vast range of items you could consider.

For example you may be wonderful at cake making and everybody admires your creativity and expertise. You can set up a little business making cakes at home for people. You start with friends and family of course, though they are less easy to charge a decent amount to, but you will be surprised how quickly word will spread and how much business you could actually have in a very short space of time. Word of mouth

Team Building Exercises for Small Groups

Team Building Exercises for Small Groups


A team, in simple terms, is when a group of people head towards a common goal. Heading towards the goal is considered a task, and this task in turn is divided into many smaller sub-tasks. The making of a team is essential to cover these sub-tasks, as each requires different skills and different functioning. A team in an organization is the perfect example of a symbiotic functioning. To build this team, we bring to you some effective team building exercises. Some of these can be implemented or applied in bigger groups as well. The importance of these exercises is highly underestimated today. They not only help in building the team, but also in improving the overall environment of a workplace. Not to forget the better productivity that can be achieved through effective working. Team building activities are slowly being inculcated in the work culture as a compulsory phenomenon. These exercises are best suited for groups that comprise 5 – 10 members. If you want to see some amazing improvement in the functioning of your team, these exercises are exactly what you need.

Quick Team

Effective Financial Management Tips

Effective Financial Management Tips

Financial management means putting together the economic resources at hand to make efficient use of them and taking decisions that can successfully culminate in acquiring more assets for the family or business. With effective utilization of funds, you can even attract finance to meet the short-term and long-term requirements of the family or firm. The whole process is intense and deals with the selection of specific or a combination of assets to deal with the monetary issue, if any. The overall aim is to reduce the size of the problem and ensure fiscal growth of the enterprise or family funds.

Financial Management Analysis

This analysis deals with the calculated and predicted cash inflow and outgoings. The analysis is directed towards the study of the effect of existent funds on managerial objectives. It handles everything, right from procuring the funds to effective utilization of the same. Dedicated analysis handles procurement of funds from multiple sources, and since the funds are from different sources, they naturally need to be addressed, considering the difference with regards to the potential risk and control.


This management practice involves the optimum use of funds issued via equity, especially in the case of a business. This source is the

Self Managed and Self Directed Teams

Self Managed and Self Directed Teams

The service industry is getting more attention in the B-World. It has never been as easy to establish a company, I should say, a listed company. Production and operations companies have seen so many business management concepts for quality control and best team management practices including quality circles.

Emery suggested, “In designing a social system to efficiently operate a modern capital-intensive plant, the key problem is that of creating self-managing groups to man the interface with the technical system.”

The basis of the autonomous work group approach to job design is the socio-technical system theory that suggests the best results are obtained if grouping is such that workers are primarily related to each other by way of task performance and interdependence.

Charles Peguy described, “A man is not determined by what he does and still less by what he says. But in the deepest part of himself, a being is determined solely by what he is.” A self-management team is made of such persons who are motivated by self.


A self-managing team or autonomous work group is allocated an overall task and given discretion over how the work is done. It provides for intrinsic motivation by providing people autonomy and the means to control

Small Business Ideas in Which You Can Use Your Organizational Skills

Small Business Ideas in Which You Can Use Your Organizational Skills

Do you have superior organizational skills? If you do, you can put them to good use as the basis for a small business. Although you may take your stellar organizational skills for granted, people who feel unorganized and overwhelmed will be happy to compensate you for your skills.

Some examples of small businesses based on organizational skills are listed below:

o Personal organizer – Some people are unable to organize their homes and/or small businesses. They may simply lack good organizational skills; in cases like this, you can help them establish easy-to-follow systems for their various needs, including filing, storage, tasks, and so on. In other cases, they may face accumulations of materials collected over extended periods of time. In these cases, you will need to be the conscience and voice of reason to help them determine what should be saved and what should be thrown away.

o Organizational consultant – whereas a personal organizer generally works on a short-term basis, an organizational consultant would be available as needed, perhaps on a retainer basis. Companies may take advantage of the expertise of an organizational consultant when they need to rework filing systems, reorganize physical space, move into a new office setting, or restructure

Why Strategic Planning Training Is Necessary for Organizational Leaders

Why Strategic Planning Training Is Necessary for Organizational Leaders

In the current economic environment, organizations are slashing payrolls left and right to cut costs. It is therefore imperative that organizations find a way to to maximize the productivity of their employees to make up for the reduction in staff. One effective way of doing this is by providing organizational leaders with strategic planning training, so that they are more equipped to set and achieve long-term organizational objectives. Since change is the only constant in a business environment, an organization will benefit from having individuals on staff that can quickly notice and adapt to changes.

Strategic planning training will generally focus on teaching employees to answer three questions about the company:

What do we do?
For whom do we do it?
How do we excel?
Another resource that helps companies answer these questions is facilitator training for organizational leaders. Since many organizations hold meetings or planning sessions that focus on strategic direction, it is beneficial to have someone on staff that can serve as a facilitator role. The facilitator is the individual who will oversee a discussion and work to have all employees contribute ideas, so that the organization is able to meet its objectives. While some companies prefer to outsource the

The Benefits of Online Discussion Forums

The Benefits of Online Discussion Forums

The Internet is growing daily, and it offers people the opportunity to get to know each other without meeting in person. While social media sites are a popular way to express opinions and discuss topics, online forums are also frequently used. These forums are often set up on sites so that visitors can meet each other, ask questions and discuss differences. Forums are an excellent way to increase your presence online, and they are ideal for getting the support and assistance you need to make your business grow. Their many benefits are what make forums extremely popular with online users.


When you find a forum that is filled with similar businesses or people with common interests, you can work together to find solutions to common problems. Online forums are perfect for getting ideas about marketing, parenting, education and other areas of interest. It can be incredibly helpful to brainstorm with people you have never met, and your conversations will always be there for you to review in the future. This will help you develop your business or successfully complete whatever task you are researching.

Online Presence

When you join forums, you are exposing more people to your business or blog. You may get

How to Start an Online Business Using Free Drop Ship

How to Start an Online Business Using Free Drop Ship

Another important aspect is to do a proper research on the availability of the market for the products or services you are willing to resell. Is there a constant market for the products, how is the demand and how reliable is the source of the products or services. Once this is establish one needs to find suppliers who meet their needs effectively.

Ensure that you understand the drop ship industry thoroughly, get to know about the necessary procedures and legality of setting up an online business using a free drop ship making sure that you don’t fall prey to middlemen who pretend to be free drop ship firms. These middlemen will only con you thus making your online venture a less profit one.

For any ecommerce business that uses free drop shippers to flourish one need to make their website rich in content. Make use that the content provided about the different products and services you are reselling offers enough information on its use, benefits and limitations if there are any. It should also give information on the price of the products and how long it takes to deliver them after payments. Your ecommerce website should also give clear information about the

Online Businesses Can Get Huge Benefits From Internet Business Forums

Online Businesses Can Get Huge Benefits From Internet Business Forums

The majority of small online business owners will spend quite a bit of time on social sites such as Facebook and Twitter and dismiss internet business forums as a tool to promote their online businesses. By doing this they are missing out on a great opportunity as forums are a place where like-minded people get together to discuss topics that are relevant to all of them and to find solutions to specific problems that affect their particular market.

Because forums are really quite small when compared to many of the broader social media sites, particularly the more popular ones they are often overlooked. There have been several studies done where it has been reported that practically every online business owner has considered being active on social sites as important to their online success.

So how can forums help your online income business?

Just like social sites, the main purpose of internet business forums is to establish credibility and build relationships with like-minded people involved in the same field of business. We all know that people are happier to purchase anything from people that they know and trust.

Finding and joining a forum that is related to your business niche is a way to get

How to Determine a Good Online Business Spot

How to Determine a Good Online Business Spot

Internet has become a Must have in all homes and office establishments. With more and more people getting into exploring, searching for information and buying products and services online, the virtual market is expanding like never before. For any one wanting to start a business, this is the place to be.

Many people proclaim that they have made huge amounts of money through their Internet business overnight. While it is true that such business opportunities are available, the claim about the amount of wealth looks too good to be true.

Internet is a breeding ground for both legitimate as well as illegitimate businesses and you find both the categories in plenty.

It would be useful for you to go through the guidelines mentioned below so that you are able to differentiate and spot good opportunities and keep away from the scams.

Make it a point to Google and check out information on the business opportunity that you find on the Internet. Google is the fastest and best search engine for this purpose.

When there is a genuine business opportunity available, you will find that a lot of forums, blogs and websites have picked up the threads and sufficient conversation and information is available for one

Six Keys to Creating Wow Customer Service Experiences

Six Keys to Creating Wow Customer Service Experiences

Customers of every kind of business imaginable these days bemoan the state of customer service. While the global economy and the Internet have given businesses the opportunity to serve more clients than ever before, the trend has also given way to impersonal, lackluster customer service. It’s unfortunate that most businesses today don’t realize that they are regularly losing valuable customers if they don’t focus on providing an exceptional customer service experience.

In most businesses, once a customer begins dealing with the customer service department, he or she is already in a negative mindset. The best customer service representatives aren’t those that simply neutralize the problem. Outstanding customer service representatives take a negative and turn it into a positive that ensures the customer is not only happy, but is convinced he or she has had an outstanding experience – the Wow Factor – that he would not have gotten with any other company.

The key ingredients of the Wow experience are:

o Seamless Service

o Trustworthy Service

o Attentiveness

o Resourcefulness

o Courtesy

o Pro-active Service

Seamless Service means providing everything the customer needs, not just what is required to meet the minimum standards. It’s about making sure that they don’t have to wait and wonder. Customers will appreciate a smooth, seamless process for addressing their

8 Strategies to Improve Customer Service

8 Strategies to Improve Customer Service

Every brand believes that its customer service is excellent. In reality, however, customer service across brands is mediocre. The experience is generally inconvenient, unpleasant, unsatisfactory, sometimes humiliating, and definitely expensive.

Good customer service is an integral part of business. It affects important brand and business objectives like customer satisfaction, loyalty, retention, repeat purchase, up selling and usage revenue. In light of these business implications, there is continuous pressure on brands to improve customers’ perceptions of their service.

Improving customer service should not be that difficult. It can happen if organizations reconsider certain business strategies. In my opinion, the following eight strategies are very important to improve customer service:

1) Incorporate in business planning: The quantum and nature of service requirements are dependent on the activities of many other functions. Organizations should incorporate customers’ service requirements into all aspects of business activities like product design, procurement, production, handling, pricing, communication, people, and culture. This would help organizations to prepare better for service eventualities and at the same time make customer service the responsibility of the entire organization.

2) Change attitude to service: Despite being a critical business activity, customer service function does not command the same respect that many other functions do. Many perceive it

7 Best Tools for Providing First Rate Customer Service

7 Best Tools for Providing First Rate Customer Service

“People used what they called a telephone because they hated being close together and they were scared of being alone.” Chuck Palahniuk could be right and wrong! In the world of e-commerce, the telephone could be the single most important tool next to your car keys. An online merchant will not exist and survive in the cutthroat world of online business without key customer service tools. First and foremost, the phone! It’s true that people do not want to literally knock on the company’s door to ask for technical support when they’re having trouble. But they also do not want to be left hanging in the air not knowing who to contact when they need help. If you can provide this means of contact and more, your online business has crossed the line from zero profit to a treasure trove.


Needless to say, if you can provide toll-free phone numbers for your customers to contact, it would be easier for them to gain confidence on you. The same goes for fax numbers which customers can use to send documents when they need to, such as checks and billing proofs. This is extremely important for you and your customers as

13 Factors That Make Your Business Ideas More Attractive to Investors

13 Factors That Make Your Business Ideas More Attractive to Investors

Being a successful entrepreneur is very different from being a good idea person or even being a prolific inventor. While it is often overlooked, the reality is that it takes much more to become a business success than just having a good idea and access to money.

Before going out to deliver your next pitch to a potential investor, try using the below checklist to make sure you have a favorable rating for each of the following factors that should make you even more attractive to an investor.

How heartbreaking would it be if your great idea wasn’t able to become a viable business entity because you didn’t prepare the best environment for it to survive. Why not become the whole package instead of just focusing on one ingredient?

How would you rate yourself for the following:

Your Passion, grounded in a good business sense, is vital to show you will not give up as soon as the going gets tough.

Your Attitude needs to exude confidence, enthusiasm, respect and realism. As soon as you cross the line into arrogance, desperation or delusional behavior, others will quickly sense that and run the other way.

Your Work Ethic shows that you care and are committed to the

Small Business Ideas to Help You During Economic Downturn

Small Business Ideas to Help You During Economic Downturn

Are you looking for ideas that will help your business sail through some really difficult economic times? Or are you looking for ideas for businesses that will be successful, despite the financial slump you see all around? Either way, the answer lies within you. The creative ideas have to come from within you. If you feel that things are going too slow, do not be dejected. Because if you lose heart, then recovering your confidence will be difficult. With your true confidence you can come through all tough spots and be a winner.

The first thing to do would be to forget that you are in a bad economy. You have to have a winning attitude. If you believe things will improve, they will. So the first thing is to keep yourself feeling positive. This is just a phase, a stage of your life and like all other stages, this too shall pass. You just have to keep your focus on your goal and be mentally prepared to face anything.

Next, call a meeting of your staff. Ask them to contribute to their thoughts and ideas. Listen to them and take notes. Try to chart out a list of problems you are

Top 3 Creative Home Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

Top 3 Creative Home Business Ideas for Stay at Home Moms

When it comes to making money from home, there are many scam sites operating that claim to make you rich overnight. Not all, but most of these sites are straight forward scams; just trying to earn easy money for themselves. As you know cost of living is increasing day by day so many people are now interested in finding some legitimate free home business ideas. It’s been noticed that stay at home moms are now looking for creative home business ideas more than ever. Fortunately, there are many ways you can use to make money from convenience of your home. Below I am going to share top 3 methods of making money for stay at home moms.

Rent out a room in your home:

If you can manage to free up a room in your home then renting it out to some student or anyone else could be a good way to earn easy cash each month. See, it doesn’t going to cost you anything to start. If you can also manage to offer some other facilities like meals, laundry etc. then you can get much better compensation for your room. Make sure to check the background of your prospective lodger. Set

Generate Downlines Faster With These Tips

Generate Downlines Faster With These Tips

Network Marketing is a moneymaker for anyone if you are ready to do what it takes to succeed in it. Many, there are, who have invested into it and made fortunes from it.

The concept of Network Marketing is very simple. Join a program, introduce someone or some other into the program and encourage them to do the same and that’s it. You get rewarded as your team grows and the people under you, that is that join after you referred to as downlines also grow.

Network Marketing is found in the Health Industry, The Travel Industry and some other ones.

However, to succeed in this business, you need to take into consideration some things, without which it will prove difficult for you to succeed.

First, you need to recruit aggressive marketers even if you have to pay their way in. Some people make the mistake of buying so many positions and think by doing that, they will progress faster and make their money quickly. In as much as it can work in the short term, you will notice that you will not be able to sustain it. How many positions are you going to buy? How long will you continue to buy positions

What does a Team Building Consultant Do

What does a Team Building Consultant Do

In any environment that requires a group of people to function together, the element of team building plays a very important role. Without team building there is no communication, no team spirit, and no motivation to perform. A strong team can support one another’s efforts and attain goals set for the team. While most corporate organizations employ team building exercises and activities to have their employees strengthen professional relationships, there are others who employ team building consultants to do so.

The Job of a Team Building Consultant

A team building consultant is someone who is dedicated to enhancing team building efforts among the employees of an organization. These are professionals employed by organizations who make an effort to conduct large-scale team building activities to enhance the productivity and output of employees. Team building consultants are known to unleash the potential that a group of professionals who have come together to form a team possess. These are consultants who enhance the performance of a team by having them engage in certain specific activities.

➝ When a team building consultant is hired, she/he first interacts with the teams she/he has to work with and assesses their abilities, personalities, skills, and their attitude towards

Improving Team Communication Skills

Improving Team Communication Skills

All of us know how important communication is for survival and to grow and evolve. Without communication it would be impossible to convey ideas and thoughts. To grow as a business, you need to share certain ideas, thoughts, opinions, judgments and suggestions and to share these, you first need to convey. This is looking at communication in its most basic form in the workplace. Most teams communicate with each other as a need, and not in actuality, this is where the meaning of communication skills is precisely lost. Employees need to understand what exactly is meant by communication and communication skills, inculcate these in their workplace behavior, and then gradually improve them. As far as improving team communication skills is concerned, there are 5 steps mentioned below which you can follow to conquer your objective of improving the said skills. Check them out!

How You Can Improve Team Communication Skills

Understanding Communication
If you want to teach your employees the best communication skills, you have to first teach them the importance of communication and why we need it. There has to be understanding of the concept to learn more about it, and to then enhance this knowledge even more. Communication skills are