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Generate Downlines Faster With These Tips

Generate Downlines Faster With These Tips

Network Marketing is a moneymaker for anyone if you are ready to do what it takes to succeed in it. Many, there are, who have invested into it and made fortunes from it.

The concept of Network Marketing is very simple. Join a program, introduce someone or some other into the program and encourage them to do the same and that’s it. You get rewarded as your team grows and the people under you, that is that join after you referred to as downlines also grow.

Network Marketing is found in the Health Industry, The Travel Industry and some other ones.

However, to succeed in this business, you need to take into consideration some things, without which it will prove difficult for you to succeed.

First, you need to recruit aggressive marketers even if you have to pay their way in. Some people make the mistake of buying so many positions and think by doing that, they will progress faster and make their money quickly. In as much as it can work in the short term, you will notice that you will not be able to sustain it. How many positions are you going to buy? How long will you continue to buy positions so that you can move up the system? This, you will agree with me is not really a wise decision. Instead of doing this, you can actually pay some people, who you know to be aggressive marketers, to join the program and they will promote the program. As you continue to promote also continue to promote, you will find that your team will make progress faster since your success in the program depends on teamwork.

Secondly, you can organise free seminars. Seminar Organisation is another way you can succeed in Network Marketing. People will be interested in coming for the seminar since it is free anyway. you can even offer free gifts or free training on other programs to attract attendees. During the seminar, make them see the benefits of joining the program and also duplicating your efforts. Encourage them to duplicate your efforts or else your team will not move up faster. Remember. this is teamwork business and your success depends on it. At the seminar, you can offer more free gifts to those who join your team and any other incentive, like helping them in marketing. But make sure you encourage them to also market so you won’t be doing all the work alone.

Thirdly, you need to keep close contact with your team members and offer necessary assistance to them. Get their phone numbers and/or email and contact them regularly to find out how they are doing and to encourage them to continue. Some members might become discouraged if they don’t get people to join. But the encouragement they get from you can go a long way in getting up their feet and continuing with their marketing efforts and your success also depends on their successes.

Fourthly, you need to reward active members of your team once in a while. Remember, your success also depends on their success. Motivation goes a long a way in encouraging people to give any business or work that extra drive needed to take it to another level. As you reward active team members, you are motivating them to do more.

Finally, You need to go beyond one on one advertising or just organising seminars. One on one advertising can be very effective. You can get to answer questions instantly from prospective subscribers or team members. However, how many people can you really reach out to like this? Seminars are also good, but again, how many people can you gather at a time? In as much the above two methods are good in building downlines for your network marketing business, there is still a better way. Mass advertising through the media like the internet, newspapers, magazines, ezines, pay-per-click. search engines and such like can be much more effective than the earlier two methods. There are online sites where you can advertise and an avalanche of downlines for your business. So, take your advertising to a higher level level through these media.

The above tips are not exhaustive. However, they can very helpful in building downlines and ensuring that you succeed in Network Marketing.

Team Building Exercises for Small Groups

Team Building Exercises for Small Groups


A team, in simple terms, is when a group of people head towards a common goal. Heading towards the goal is considered a task, and this task in turn is divided into many smaller sub-tasks. The making of a team is essential to cover these sub-tasks, as each requires different skills and different functioning. A team in an organization is the perfect example of a symbiotic functioning. To build this team, we bring to you some effective team building exercises. Some of these can be implemented or applied in bigger groups as well. The importance of these exercises is highly underestimated today. They not only help in building the team, but also in improving the overall environment of a workplace. Not to forget the better productivity that can be achieved through effective working. Team building activities are slowly being inculcated in the work culture as a compulsory phenomenon. These exercises are best suited for groups that comprise 5 – 10 members. If you want to see some amazing improvement in the functioning of your team, these exercises are exactly what you need.

Quick Team Building Exercises for Small Groups

Strengths and Weaknesses
All the members of the team should sit down together every once a month and discuss each other’s strengths and weaknesses. If one member is weak in a particular process, he can ask someone to help him out. Sometimes, work can be exchanged depending on who can do it better. This consideration will bring about a feeling of comfort in the team members, and thus help build the team further in terms of proficiency. The work will be done in the most efficient way as everyone will be putting in their best. When help is provided in any way from team members, it helps in growing as a team. Every member should write down his strengths and his weaknesses, and keep adding to this list every month, even the smallest details.

Problem Solving
It is not possible to discuss your problems everyday, as this will only delay the work you need to get done. For a month, write down all the problems you face on an individual level. This can also include another team member’s attitude towards work, non co-operation from another member, and so on. On the last day of the month or on the first day of the next, discuss these problems as an exercise to build your team. Dedicate that day of every month to this exercise of problem solving. When the problems in a team are solved together, it gets in a feeling of joint work. When someone helps to solve the problems you listed down, you immediately feel good about the gesture and make sure you don’t disappoint that team member.

Enhancing Communication
One of the best, is an exercise that enhances the communication in that group. This exercise can be something as simple as each member taking turns and discussing what he / she feels about the work of the other members. Initially, you can start off with easy exercises to build communication. You can discuss each other’s goals and achievements in life, so as to know each other better. Once this is done, you can decide and play one communication building game every week, on the last day, just for an hour. You’ll can sit together and form a system of easy messaging within the group, where long messages can be converted into short ones, through abbreviations and codes, to save time in the work processes.

Some interesting team building games can prove to be excellent team building exercises. These games will not only help in some recreation but will also give the team some time to interact on a social level. For example, give all the team members a task, work related but more fun. Something that they can do easily. Whoever completes this game the earliest, gets a reward! Another great way to go about these games can be this. Whoever wins the game(s), gets to be the team lead for that month. Members together can also attend workshops and seminars that talk about team building. The company can arrange for these workshops and seminars in the office itself. Thus, team building can be some great fun too! Here are three examples of games you can play to build your team.

Game # 1: Ask all the members of the group to sit in a circle. Each member will write down one good trait about all the members present, and one bad trait too. Once everyone has finished writing, one by one they will read aloud what they have written. The others will either agree or disagree to each trait. If majority of the votes agree, that member should change the bad and also focus more on improving what is already good. This game will motivate the members to improve the skills where they lack.

Game # 2: Every member gets to prepare a list of 20 questions, all of which should be related to knowing more about someone else. For example, ‘What was your dream as a child?’, ‘What are your current career plans?’, and ‘Tell us something about you we don’t know’. Sit in a circle while playing this game. Any member can start from his right. He needs to ask 1 question per member, one by one. At the end of this game, the members will know a lot more about each other than they did before. Knowing your members in the first step of team building.

Game # 3: Write 20 words related to your work process. These words can be names of processes, software, and important customers you work for. Mix up all the words to form a game that represents a word jumble. Mix up your sheets and make sure you don’t get yours in return. Every member will get 1 minute to solve this puzzle game. At the end of this game, members might learn more about the work, and this will undoubtedly also increase the team spirit.

Set Common Targets and Goals
Setting common targets and goals for the entire team, every month, can lead to team building many ways. When the entire team has to complete a task in a given time, they have to work together as one. In turn, the team members can themselves set targets for the month or week. Setting a milestone together and finding the best ways to cross it also adds to the enthusiasm in the work. In this process, the employees also understand the importance of working in a team. Working in a team is very beneficial as your drawbacks are covered by your teammates. Once every employee understands this, they will value their team more, and a feeling of respect will develop between all the members.

These were some interesting team building exercises for small groups that you can implement in your workplace, and see the positive effects for yourself. Working as a team has obvious advantages, but it is also important for the team to function properly. Team building gets you closer. Effective communication and proper distribution of work are the key factors in building a proper team, so focus mainly on these. These exercises will also make sure that the environment in the office remains enthusiastic and active! Best of Luck!

What does a Team Building Consultant Do

What does a Team Building Consultant Do

In any environment that requires a group of people to function together, the element of team building plays a very important role. Without team building there is no communication, no team spirit, and no motivation to perform. A strong team can support one another’s efforts and attain goals set for the team. While most corporate organizations employ team building exercises and activities to have their employees strengthen professional relationships, there are others who employ team building consultants to do so.

The Job of a Team Building Consultant

A team building consultant is someone who is dedicated to enhancing team building efforts among the employees of an organization. These are professionals employed by organizations who make an effort to conduct large-scale team building activities to enhance the productivity and output of employees. Team building consultants are known to unleash the potential that a group of professionals who have come together to form a team possess. These are consultants who enhance the performance of a team by having them engage in certain specific activities.

➝ When a team building consultant is hired, she/he first interacts with the teams she/he has to work with and assesses their abilities, personalities, skills, and their attitude towards teamwork and group decision making.

➝ After this interaction, she/he is required to give a written proposal to the organization about how she/he intends to lay the foundation upon which a strong team will be built.

➝ Certain recommendations are shortlisted and based on those the consultant will (for the duration employed), then implement certain exercises and activities that will enhance the team building process. These include:
Helping team members discover their own potential and that of their colleagues.
Enhancing skills that will help improve team performance to a large extent.
Imparting values that teach the strength that teamwork gives each member of the team.
Teaching leadership abilities by employing certain corporate team building activities.
Enhancing team motivation and creating a sense of commitment towards the team and towards goal achievement.
Helping individual team members analyze their own abilities and habits, and how these affect teamwork and goal achievement.
Strengthening interpersonal communication within the team to build healthy professional relationships.
Enabling team members to respect each other’s point of view and perspective.
Guiding employees towards conflict resolution within the team so that it does not hamper the final output.
Helping the team develop a strong vision that will guide them towards goal achievement.
In a combination of various team building activities and interactions, these values and skills are imparted to employees and team members.

➝ Once these programs have been successfully implemented, the team building consultant conducts yet another evaluation to understand how much the team members have benefited from the program, and how their attitude, values, and commitment have changed from before the program. These changes are then communicated to the organization.

➝ There are cases when the charted out plan for implementation of team building techniques do not go as planned. The employees may or may not respond well to the kind of activities being carried out. At times like these, it is completely the discretion of the team building consultant to carry out the predetermined plan or to chart out a newer, more effective plan of action. This of course is done only after consulting the organization.

➝ Most activities that are executed are done so in a light, fun manner. Professionals are likely to be more receptive when they are having fun or are happier than when they are being forced to do something. It is therefore, the job of the team building consultant to induce this fun into the activities so that they are really effective.

➝ It has been found that after the implementation of these techniques and exercises, employees perceive teamwork differently. The changes that hiring a team building consultant brings about include:
Enhanced communication within the group.
Perception of group as a single unit that strives towards goal achievement.
Enhanced problem solving and decision-making skills.
Development of respect for each other’s opinion and decisions.
Effective utilization of resources needed for goal achievement.
Greater commitment, interest, and productivity among group members.
A professional approach to any activity is likely to yield more powerful results, the effects of which are long lasting, than a few team building activities organized in the office. A good team building consultant is someone who has immense work experience, is an outgoing person, has the ability to provide constructive feedback, is enthusiastic about her/his work, and is someone who is creative in her/his approach to every team building activity. Look out for these qualities in such a professional if you do intend to hire someone, and the results will be positive for you to see.

Improving Team Communication Skills

Improving Team Communication Skills

All of us know how important communication is for survival and to grow and evolve. Without communication it would be impossible to convey ideas and thoughts. To grow as a business, you need to share certain ideas, thoughts, opinions, judgments and suggestions and to share these, you first need to convey. This is looking at communication in its most basic form in the workplace. Most teams communicate with each other as a need, and not in actuality, this is where the meaning of communication skills is precisely lost. Employees need to understand what exactly is meant by communication and communication skills, inculcate these in their workplace behavior, and then gradually improve them. As far as improving team communication skills is concerned, there are 5 steps mentioned below which you can follow to conquer your objective of improving the said skills. Check them out!

How You Can Improve Team Communication Skills

Understanding Communication
If you want to teach your employees the best communication skills, you have to first teach them the importance of communication and why we need it. There has to be understanding of the concept to learn more about it, and to then enhance this knowledge even more. Communication skills are not limited to only the way you communicate verbally, but also to other methods of communication. Communication also includes aspects such as body language that play an equally important role in determining efficient communication. Once you inculcate this importance, you can proceed to sharpen that knowledge by learning the communication skills.

Communication Games
Communication games are one of the best ways to improve communication skills and fun too. They also give you the much-needed break from work and daily chores in the workplace. Communication games can include some fun games where the communication skills of employees can be tested by making them compete against each other. For example, you can announce a ‘department of the month’ competition where the company would be rewarding the most efficient department. To achieve maximum productivity, the employees will have to communicate with each other in the best possible way and once they do, they’ll see the results for themselves.

Team Building Activities
Communication might not come easily to everyone, and this makes it important for the employer/organization to hold team building activities that would promote team communication. Also tell the employees how to communicate with each other in the perfect way and in lesser time. These activities tell us how minimum communication can get great productivity in less time. You can either search the Internet for some team building activities or call a professional to conduct these activities.

Letting Go of Perceptions
Preconceived notions about a particular group of people, or just about a particular individual, can lead to unwanted communication barriers. This can be overcome by professional communication skills where you don’t judge anyone on any scale apart from that of work. Being opinionated is one thing and being judgmental is another. Don’t let personal bias towards a selected few get in between your communication with all the employees at large. Perceptions will lead to assumptions eventually.

Communication skills can’t be acquired if you are not educated about the different methods of communication. Employees need to learn different types of communication such as verbal, written, formal and informal, and also the methods to use them. There is a particular way you write in, when you communicate with your employees and this is very important for efficient communication. As an organization that promotes efficient communication, you need to inculcate this in your employees if they aren’t aware of it.